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Released 2019

«Dimmisjonspols» is the first batch of original tunes Sturla Eide has submitted in ten years. Since 1997 the Norwegian fiddler from Orkdal has recorded 25 of his own tunes, and he’s released ten albums. Sturla’s versatility has been proven through his collaborations with Gåte, Dipsomaniacs, Hans Rotmo and Sie Gubba, and his musical interests transcend that of many traditional fiddlers.

Among his other musical cohorts along the way we find fiddler Åsmund Svenkerud – with whom he made his recording debut in 1997 – as well as Flukt (a trio that’s counted accordionist Øivind Farmen, drummer Håvard Sterten and bassist Sondre Meisfjord among its members), and duo work with guitarist Andreas Aase.

«Dimmisjonspols» is a collection of the most well-loved tunes from Sturla’s career to date, and a showcase for new material that indicates the musical future. The basic idea was to present the tunes in a homogenous sound, played straight-up in the studio with great musicians and a few guest artists.

And yes, the tune «Dimmisjonspols» («Discharge Pols») is included. Since its initial recorded version with Åsmund & Sturla in 1997 it’s become a household piece of Scandinavian repertoire, performed in most folk music gatherings. The remainder of the set is partly re-recordings of tunes that have evolved since their original incarnations, and partly three new ones dedicated to respectively Ronny Kjøsen, Mattis Kleppen and Torbjørn Vikhammermo.

Contributing musicians:

Øystein Sandbukt – guitars

Ronny Kjøsen – keyboards and accordion
Magne Vestrum – upright bass

Jens Comén – Saxophones («Kast»)

Eirik Rottem Eide - Cajon («Kast» and «Vindrose»)

Recorded at Øra Studio, spring and summer 2019.

Recording and mixing engineer: Jo Ranheim

Master: Karl Klaseie, Øra Mastering

Released by Øra Fonogram

Released march 2020 and 2021

Kattapols and Kattalender are sheetbooks containing easy folktunes in Scandinavian style. Suitable for groups with strings, accordion, pipes, and other melody instruments, as well as cello and guitar, bass, piano and drums as accompaniment. The cello sheets are extracted.

The tunes are available where you stream your music, and it´s highly recommendable to listen to the album to get the right references for fracing and rhythm. Folk music sheets are most often not very precise written, and a certain knowledge of the style is needed to read the dots right.

The sheet book is available thru  Notebutikken, or you can order directly from me.