Andreas Aase is one of Norway´s most sought-after guitar players. He has been affiliated with most of Norway´s aristocracy in the the fields of pop, rock and folk singing, and developed a strong passion for traditional music relatively late in life. Andreas brings with him a wide array of instruments and playing techniques into his interpretations and compositions, but in his duo work with Sturla he limits himself to acoustic guitar and Irish bouzouki, emphasizing the inner life and magic of traditional tunes.

Since early childhood, Sturla Eide has been developing into one of Norway´s leading performers on fiddle and Hardanger fiddle. He is also the leading representative of the almost extinct Orkdal tradition. Throughout his career he´s been involving himself in various projects in a wide variety of styles, winning numerous awards and prizes for his blinding fiddling skills. In his duo with Andreas, he returns to the quiet musical mystique of his native area, directing the curiosity of contemporary audiences towards music that´s sometimes as old as 150 years, but timeless in its power and lyricism.

sturla|andreas were nominated in the folk category of the “Norwegian Grammy” (“Spellemannsprisen”) in 2003.
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The core of the tune - a quiet journey in the intensity of folk music