Norwegian folk music bowing

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  • Reopening of the Norway building in Orkanger. Played a few pieces together with the Trondheimsolistene, and took part in a consert with Andreas Aase.
  • Christmas consert together with Nidarosdomens guttekor.
  • Christmaskonsert together with Gunnhild Sundlig and Cantilena.
  • 50-years jubilee of Snaustrinda spelemannslag. Consert and CD.
  • Selebration of Edgar Heringstad 75 years. Jubilee consert at Kimen in Stjørdal.
  • FolkJam at Dokkhuset together with Chris Stout and Catriona McKay. A part of Trondheim chamber music festival.
  • From Napolen to Meldal. Prosjekt with Løkken Brasbanc
  • ST-Consert. Yearly celebration of locals doing success nationaly and worldwide.
  • Segloramässan, consert in Bergstaden Ziir, together with Knut Anders Vestad, Gro Kjelleberg Solli, and Lensvik blandakor.


  • Preproduction together with Philip Miles, London
  • Conserts with Flukt at Tingvoll and Trysil.
  • Consert with Torill Aasegg and Andreas Bjørkås.
  • Project with Lensvik blandakor
  • Several gigs together with Øystein Sandbukt, Merethe Trøan, Thomas Henriksen, m.fl.


  • Gigs in UK. Visiting Llandsillyn, Victoria Hall (Settle), Stockport and Landcaster.
  • Gigs in Levanger, Steinkjer oand Namsos, for the Folkjazzscena in Nord-Trøndelag.
  • Profiled on radio, NRK Folkemusikk
  • Kibneb-festivalen together with Flukt
  • Selbufestivalen
  • Gigs with Flukt and Nordtømmen and Velfjord accordionclub.
  • From Napoleon to Meldal. Together with Løkken brassband.
  • Several gigs with Øystein Sandbukt, Siri Leirvik, Bjrøn Willadsen. m.fl.


  • From Napolen to Meldal. Prosjekt with Løkken Brasband
  • Tutor for project at Trøndertun Folkehøyskole for the Jazz music students and students from Boulder Higschool, Colorado.
  • Several selebration seremonies for the Norwegian constitution.
  • Tour with «Sturla Eie & Triller band», Trondheim, Vasa, Røros
  • Several concerts together with artists like Andreas Aase, Mattis Kleppen, Marthe Valle, Øivind Farmen


  • Tour with Laren Tweed in UK in March
  • Tour as solo artist in UK in November
  • 10 years anniversary for the album Glimmer med sturla|andreas. Concerts in Åfjord, Orkdal, and Trondheim
  • Part of the concert «Four fiddlers, four traditions» during the Transform festival in Trondheim
  • Release of the collection «Slåtter» as downloadable sheetbook.
  • Concert with «Søsken» at Jørn Hilme-stemnet
  • Concert together with Øivind Farmen and Marthe Valle during the opening of the festival «Kristin på Husaby», Skaun, Norway.


  • Minitor together with Sarah-Jane Summers
  • Concerts together with Marthe Valle and Øivind Farmen, among others Church concert in the church of Innset in adition to the Rennebumartnan
  • Concerts and workshop at Skeppis in Stockholm together with Mattis Kleppen
  • Release of «Slåtter vol. 2 og 3»
  • Partisipation Selbufestivalen 2012
  • Lindemann-prosject together with Randi Flåøien Lundemo and Knut Størdal in Vår Frue Kirke, Trondheim
  • Gest artist together with Trondheimsolistene during concert in Orkdal Kulturhus in November


  • Concerts and tour with the bands Flukt and Quintus
  • Project with SINTEF Big-band. Show during Transform 2011 in Trondheim
  • Brursjå during Orkdalsmessa 2011. Collaboration with Jon Fredrik Skauge and Arne Fagerholt
  • Concerts in UK together with Sarah-Jane Summers, March 2011.
  • Folkmusic project at the college of Orkdal videregående skole autumn 2011
  • Irish evening together with Karen Tweed and the choir Orklang, Orkdal Kulturhus.
  • Partisipation during Selbufestivalen 2011.
  • Concerts together with Marthe Valle and Øivind Farmen


  • Released the album Triller in Februar with a following releasetour
  • Released the album Slåtter vol.1 in September with following release tour
  • School concerts in Trondheim with Flukt
  • The dance performance "RAN" by Ingeborg Trelstad, with Flukt
  • Several separate concerts with the choires Eggkleiva Mannskor, Ang Passang, Orklang, and Corus, presenting amng othhers the folk music services «I válsignadn och fröjd» and «Vindens hjul».
  • Concert with Flukt and Quintus during the Hilmarfestival
  • Concert with the band Le vent du nord, from Canada, during Transform festival in Trondheim and the Hilmarfestivalen at Steinkjer


  • Officially appointet regional artist for Sør-Trøndelag county 2009
  • Recorded the album «Triller»
  • The Førde International Folk Music Festival (NO), with Murru
  • The Korrö festival (SE), with Flukt
  • The Kristin på Husaby, solo
  • The Trøndersk Food Festival, solo
  • The Rennebumartna, with «Triller» band
  • Gigs at Örebro, with Lasse Sörlin
  • School concerts with Flukt
  • Festival for Officially appointed regional artists for Sør-Trøndelag, at Dokkhuset, Trondheim


  • Released the album ”Calm before the storm” with the band Flukt, followed up by touring
  • Concerts with the choires Chorus and Byneset Songlag in March and October.
  • Recorded a demo with Karen Tweed and Andreas Aase.
  • Concert and seminar during the Hilmarfestivalen in Steinkjer.
  • Concert during the Bussekaillfestiavlen at Hitra.
  • Tutor during a folk music seminar in Östersund
  • School concerts with the band Flukt
  • Several concerts with Murru in among others Credo in Trondheim, Fjordkulturdagene at Vinjeøra, Norsk Radiomuseum, Nesna, Sandnessjøen and Östersund.


  • Recorded and released the solo album ”Murru”, on NORCD
  • School concerts with the band Flukt
  • Concerts together with the choire Catilena
  • Seminar for Åsvang Skoles String Orchestra
  • Scandinavian Festival in Yorkshire, England.
  • Midsommarfestival with Flukt, Nyland, Sweden
  • URKULT with Flukt, Nesåker, Sverige.
  • Folkworks Summer School, Durham, UK.


  • Received one year grant from the Government grants and guaranteed income for artists
  • School concerts with the band Flukt
  • Studio work for the band "Sie Gubba" and "Stargate"
  • Start of a small project with  Karen Tweed
  • Nidaros Bluesfestival with sturla|andreas
  • Worskshops in England by Karen Tweed
  • Vårsøghelga with sturla|andreas
  • Olavsfestdagene with Flukt and SWÅP
  • Folkworks Youth Summer School in Durham
  • Pone air theatre at Oppstuggu Berbu in Orkdal
  • Tour with Andreas Aase and Karen Tweed
  • Grounded the youth band FEGI
  • Recorded with the band Flukt
  • Tours and single gigs with Flukt


  • Östersund Musikfestival with Flukt
  • Participated with sturla|andreas and Flukt during the first Folkelarm ever in Oslo.
  • Representing Norway during the European Broadcasting Union folk music festival in Gdansk.
  • Concerts in Arkhangelsk in May.
  • Written about as ”Best concert ever during
  • Kulturvekkå” at Tingvoll with Flukt.
  • Concerts in schools with "Flukt"


  • Released the CD Drufiacc® with "Flukt" on the label 2L. Several shows on TV and radio.
  • Concerts in schools with "Flukt"
  • 14 days on tour in the USA with among others the Nordic Roots Festival
  • Both public concerts and school concerts in the county Vest-Agder with "Flukt"

2003 and older

  • Førde International Folk music Festival with Flukt
  • Falun Folk music Festival with Flukt.
  • Concerts in schools in the county Oppland, with Flukt
  • The release of ”GLIMMER” with the duo ”sturla|andreas”, on the label 2L. The CD was nominated to the best folk music album this year.
  • The release of “Spill” with "Flukt", on the label 2L
  • Radio show on Norwegian radio together with Øivind Farmen.
  • Tour in the USA (Minnesota and the Nisswa-Stämman) 3rd till 11th of June.
  • Concert on TV in the program “Sommeråpent” 9th of July
  • Concerts in schools with Flukt, in the Oppland county
  • Public concert tour in the middle of Norway
  • 11 weeks of school concerts in Oppland and Sør Trøndelag with Flukt
  • Church concert during Rennebumartnan with Heidi Skjerve, Sondre Meisfjord og Øivind Farmen.
  • Contributing on the album ”Bønder i Solnedgang” by Hans Rotmo. Released on Norske Gram
  • Top ranking in fiddle class A at Trøndelagskappleiken 2000
  • Top ranking in fiddle groups senior at Trøndelagskappleiken 2000
  • Radio show with the band Flukt and Heidi Skjerve at the station NRK Sør-Trøndelag
  • Radio show with the band ”De è åss” at the station NRK Sør-Trøndelag
  • Dance performance with Breakhalling during human ethic confirmand seremony in Trondheim Trondheim
  • Top ranking in fiddle class A at the national championship in Oppdal
  • Radioshow with the band Gorrlaus (later named Flukt) on the station NRK Sør-Trøndelag
  • Radioshow together with Tron Westberg. NRK P2, folkemusikktimen.